Monday, August 20, 2007

and so it began.....

so, today was the first day of school, and surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be.
ok, i dont really have much to say in this one.
for anyone that does not know yet. i am not doing football. i was, i went through all of the crappy stuff. but i simply cant afford it. i need money for my car, and there are a few other reasons, but that is one of the biggest.
this year is going to be fun. its going to be the longest, the busiest, and for some, the hardest. but there is no doubt that it will not be the funnest year of my life.
to my felow seniors, THIS IS IT! we've waited for this our whole life. lets make it better than even we could immagine
to my juniors, its not like we are all going to die when we graduate, you will never be alone. i know i will try to see everyone as much as i can.
to my squashmores, good freeking luck, thats all i got. haha jk. you still have three hard years ahead of you, dont waste them like i did haha.

I kinda like the idea britta had about addressing everyone individually, so i think i'm going to take that idea.

Hannah: You are basically one of the best friends i have ever had. i can tell you anything and you always know what to do or say. either you have been through it already or are still going through it. i will never forget all of those good times that we had when i sluffed english. haha "they have a fridge in the caffateria?"

Brady: You wont read this, but what the heck. you seem to be my partner in crime. the robin to my batman, the peanutbutter to my jelly, the tight tight spandex pants to my chubby legs. what else can i say, you complete me. haha ok on a serious note. we have had lots of good times and you are absolutly out of your mind, but so am i so its aight. you've always been behind me and been my right hand man. thanks dude.

Soulmate (or as more commonly known as, Britta Marrie): You are my soulmate, there is nothing better than knowing that. haha you would rock my socks off, but they already are off because you rocked them off already! you're just that amazing. we will have to be true to our team and watch all of the byu games together. maybe even paint our bodies on rivalry week haha i'm down with it if you are.

Erin: We have been through so much together. there have been some rough patches in our friendship, coughaprilcough, but we got through that and we are just as good of friends now as we ever have been. i love when we just sit there and just talk about life for hours on end. i know that i can always trust you with anything and you are one of the first people that i ever come to with any of my problems because i know that you would be more than happy to help me. and, of coarse, i am also more than happy about always helping you. thank you for always beeing there. for being my shoulder when i had problems with my grandpa and i didnt want to worry randi with them. i owe you my life, thank you.

Jebby: You are such a genuinly nice person, and i love it! i really dont think i can think of a time that you were actually really mad at someone, haha ko maybe when brady, hannah, you and i were in that pillow fight, haha you might have been a little mad then haha. i'll never forget the time that brady and i brought you a box of corn flakes when you were at work. its random stuff like that in life that make it so you dont go crazy....or maybe it makes you go crazy faster....i cant of the two. thanks for random happy txts, you sent me one at just the right time when i really needed one. i still have it saved.

Enano: Dude, you basically rock my world. you are so down to earth and we always have a good time, no matter what we are doing. if it be an amazing halo night, or just everyone sitting at your house like we seem to do. i know you will never forget the immage of me standing in my boxers in the door way of jakes fridge. haha that image will be ingrained in your mind for life. and all of those good times in pe. haha that one in the shower.....and when the lights were off.....i'm not explaining any of these to anyone, so think what you may haha. you always know how to keep it real and to have a good time while you do it. you rock dude.

Big Papa (Michaelface)(Mike)(Jew)(Sexypants Sugarlips):i made that last one up. We use to spend all of our free time after school studying nihongo, we dont anymore, but we still have some pretty dang sweet times. i know you are always up for anything crazy and you have always been like a bro to me. ever since back in the day when kris started going out with rili.......way way way back in the day.

Berto: Why is it always me that is always your problem with the girls that you like. haha i honestly dont try to. you are a better man than me though. how you keep your head and after all of those times, and all those girls, you still dont hate me. dont think i dont see this. haha if it were me, i would be furious, and want revenge. haha but you, you invite me to hang out the next week. we really should hang out more, eat food. its good for the soul, or at least, thats the word on the street. we definately need to have another massive guys night and do crazy stuff like last time.

Lurpy: You are basically the oldest friend that i have, and although sometimes you can be a douche bag, i know that you really aren't. like back in the day, when we use to shread it up on our scooters. or played old school mario for hours. i hope you can get over your hatred twards me so we can we tight like we use to be. that was fun

Morgan: What isn't there yo like about you. you are amazing. always happy, haha except for the chocolate girl incident, but that was just funny to see you rand and rave about that annoying snobby girl. if there was one person that i wish i knew better, it would be you. even with the connection with tiffany we still dont hang out very often. oh well, maybe someday, hopefully.

My Randalynn: What can i say. I love you. i have never been happier than i am when i'm with you. i love it how we can sit on a blanket and look at the start for hours and talk about everything, and nothing at the same time. trust is a big thing for me in a relationship, expecially now, and i trust you more than anyone i know. i am really happy that we are together and couldn't ask for anyone better, because you are perfect for me. and i will do anything i can to make it work between us. i love you.

ok, i dont think i forgot anyone, but i'm retarded and am out or time as well, so if i did, smack me and i'll add on to this.
haha so much for nothing to say huh? haha
ok anyway, be happy everyone, because its just no fun being....not....happy
with love,
ty ty

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Remember when, end of summer style

ok, summer, for the most part, is over. we are all going to have to deal with that. but it doesn't mean that the good times are going to stop. if anything they will keep getting better.


they went to get the book, and we "egged" their cars

we sacraficed those two mt. dew bottles, they never knew what was comming.

you made up an amazing song for him on his birthday, i know he does.

i got 36 bug bites on that one night.

we promised to talk to eachother every day, we've only missed one so far.

i won zack for you.(yes i still remember his name haha) i cant aim, i didnt think i would hit one. haha

we got the "truck"......haha all four of us haha, and the question game

you used to be my best friend, and i really really liked you. i've seen you once this summer. and it wasnt even planned.

she moved away. i was mad at first, then sad. i miss her.

nunya business and monki man were created haha

summer seemed like it was going to last forever, it always does. and it never happens.

we saw random fireworks.

we went boating, we were both fried. haha

he started hating me.

we hated her more than anything.

you and him got together, i was only happy cuz i knew you were.

you thought we were going to go on the catapult at lagoon haha

i met ben. he is way cute, i'll give you that

we went camping, that was a good night

they were gone, that also was a good night

your sister showed up. haha how could you forget

we went to the tiki.

you gave me my blanket back.

we played pool at his house

we watched anchorman, and ate subway in the park

we kissed in the rain

he wasn't doing well, you were by my side the whole time.

you found out that i didn't want t tell you. you didn't get mad. i was relieved

you wern't thousands of miles away, i never got to know you as well as i would have liked to. we'll have to change that.

i was hugging her and you hugged me from the back, i froke out!

i was paraniod about him, and then my dream that night. you helped more than you know

kelsi was born, i was so unbelieveably happy. i dont even know why.

we decided who would get married first

i got a new phone

we talked about disneyland :) i love that place

we made wishes for each other after the hot pots

we danced in the rain

we rebelled against everyone and it was just us three, you smoked a straw

my cousins ran from me, you had that great idea......

you offered me a ring......and then ate it

we talked about names that we like

ok, thats the end.
i'm going to do something productive.
thanks for reading
with love,
ty ty

Sunday, August 12, 2007

WHAT?!?! a new blog from ty ty without anyone making him blog?

I really dont know why i am blogging.
I dont have anything huge to say, well, maybe i do a little bit. but nothing really that anyone else would care too much about.
it was an amazingly crappy week followed by a much needed weekend. two-a-days started on Monday. full padded and everything. it was fantastic to finally hit someone again. i have some amazing bruises on my arms, they are starting to go away. but if you dont believe me, ask randi. haha they were freeking gross haha.
i finished harry potter seven on monday as well, thank you for letting me borrow it for such a long time britta, i owe you something haha. i really enjoyed it, and im not a big reader, so that is saying something.
nothing really exciting happened till about friday when the football team camped out on the field. haha oh man, that was really fun. "andrew, your mom is texting me again" "like" and "no, i wasn't just rubbing your nipple" have to be my favorite stories from that night. hahaha that and sione spilling his root beer float in coles sleeping bag hahaha.
the next day i went to provo with my sister, and we had fun. we were randomly walking on a side of the mall that we never go on and i all of a sudden got an idea. but i wasn't sure if it would work so i sat down to process my thoughts. my idea was to ask hannah to homecoming with a build-a-bear, and it turned out to be not such a bad idea. haha her name is fluffy......because i have no originally, and couldnt think of a better one haha. i gave it to her later that day, and met ben at the same time. and i must say, that is a dang cute baby. haha but essy is still cuter...sorry hannah. haha
after that i went to pick up randi and we went to the mt. house grill. i had never been there before and she said it was the best place ever. haha she was right. again. dang, i hate when that happens haha. their lemonade is FANTASTIC! haha i think that was my favorite part...that or me flicking two flies to death with my mad ninja skill.....
after we watched xmen 2 at her house, haha and some people might think this is dumb, but honestly, this was my favorite part. i love being able to sit there and talk to her. being able to sit there and hold her. knowing that she loves me back. its the best feeling in the world.
ok, i think that is all i'm going to bore you with for the night.
one more week, a bitter sweet thought.
see you all soon, i hope.
with love ty ty