Thursday, June 21, 2007

fun with google

ok, happier blog this time.
google fun, britta and i are bored and having way too much fun with this
these are not in any order so read them all

Tish wants to trade places so that it does not look as if she has kicked me out of bed

Berto wants to play, too, and is soon messing up the castle.

Morgan wants to celebrate in the bathroom

Michael wants to be the "Robin Hood of pop."

Jeb wants to be seen as coming from a different gene pool

Nathaniel wants to see the dolphin show, so he and Puddles check the schedule.

Hannah wants to be your Worst Canadian

Randi wants to be punished (britta found this one...........)

Hannah will reportedly adopt a child from the US.

Tyler wants to be "an action heroine who is funny and witty and sarcastic and sexy and can kick butt."


Tyler wants to make a run for the Canadian border, but Jay wants to go back

Erin wants a room fit for a Mardi Gras queen, but redoing her drab space won't be a big easy.

All Britta wants is to join the WEALS, a female version of Navy SEALs, and perhaps experience a couple of those so-called orgy-as-hims.

Jake Wants Kids?

Tyler wants to be a scary trick-or-treater in Great Big Spooky City, but all of the spooky monsters and mummies think he's too cute to be scary.

Britta wants to work with farming.

Tyler Wants Plastic Surgery

Trent wants to buddy up with Cameron

Neil Wants To Tempt You With His Tequila

Jordan Wants to Buy Swedish Anthrax

Collin wants to destroy freedom.

Kris wants to know: "How many drivers do you estimate suffer with the effects of hay fever?"

Egil wants to fulfill his best friend‘s desire to become a pizza driver and buys a car for his friend’s 30th birthday.

Derek Wants Us to Embrace our Bottoms

Alex wants to know what her "rules" are

Randi wants drugs

Randi wants a Sheep Farm

Erin wants you

Hannah Wants to kill her laptop for being a sluggish oaf

Jeb wants an apology

Jeb wants to see sparks fly once in awhile

Ty Ty wants some fresh booty

and on that happy note
hahahaha that was epic
ok, until next time
with love,
ty ty

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

slacker no more

ok, yeah. im a freeking slacker. you can all beat me later.

today i went to my grandpas funeral and honestly was one of the hardest days of my life.
my grandpa is a very independent guy and wouldn't ever think of anyone doing his work for him. he loved to be out in his garden and absolutely loved to mow his lawn.
his health had been failing him more and more over these past few years, after fighting a battle with cancer for the past 16 years.
a month ago we were helping him plant potatoes in his beloved garden and my grandma asked me if i would mow the lawn, my grandpa being too ashamed that he could not do it himself anymore. i said of coarse, like i always do when she asked for help, and my grandpa and i walked to the garage.
there he handed over the last thing that he had clung to. he handed over his very favorite thing in the world. to me.
on fathers day we went over to his house, because we had planned to leave for Disneyland Wednesday morning. we all wrote him notes for fathers day because he didn't really need anything else. as we looked at him, not knowing how long he had left to live, we couldn't help but cry thinking about how much unbearable pain he has been in for so long.
they stayed inside, but i went out to the garden. where i had gotten to know my grandpa. where he taught me how to work. there i sat, on the fence, and cried like a little baby.
my grandma asked me to drive behind the hurse on my grandpas pride and joy. his john deere tractor. i was fine doing it, but after when i put it back in the garage i lost it. this is where you have to realize that my grandpa lived for his yard and garden and that tractor was his legs in recent years. so that tractor was as apart of my grandpa, as my actual grandpa was. as i shut the garage door i vocally said good bye to my grandpa and told him that i loved him. and walked back to the truck.

so yeah, you wanted me to blog. so there it is. there's what I've been dealing with these past few weeks.

thank you all so very much for always being there for me. i love you all

with infinite love for all of you,
ty ty