Friday, July 24, 2009


i don't even freaking know what's going on in my life anymore. so much doubt. and questions.

i am lost.

anyway..... here is my summer in a nut shell.

wake up, work at my dads shop.
go home around 3 (depending on if i have enough work to stay that long)
shower, eat (sometimes)
go to days at 4. work till 8. go home. eat (sometimes)
see randi (sometimes)
sleep. (sometimes)

i have learned to hate the holidays in the summer. stupid tourists come into days and ask the most retarded questions.

i am weeding out the people i can't trust in my life.... because without trust, what else do you have? however, if you haven't seen or heard from me that does not mean that i dont trust you. i'm just busy.

i can't find money for school next year....and honestly my dads shop is going down hill fast.... so i could just be living in logan and working.

because of my very staggered eating schedule i have lost 20 pounds..... not sure if thats a good thing. but i guess i dont really have a choice. its gone.

i had many things and wants about my future planned out....this summer has turned them upside down. i dont know what i want anymore.

i'm sorry for the rambling, if you're confused by this point.....welcome to my life.

the end