Tuesday, July 29, 2008

because everyone else is doing it

OK. because i know you were wondering, here is my schedule of classes. you're welcome. haha

Monday, Wednesday, Friday- math 1050-11:30, Civilization: Humanities- 1:30, English 1010- 2:30
Tuesday- weight training- 8:30, Life Science-1:30
Thursday-weight training-8:30, Math 1050-11:30, Life Science-1:30.

thats all.....
i have quite a bit to blog about for the month of july....but im going to take a nap....just remind me later to blog about the trek, starvation, bear lake, ledgefork, my new macbook/ipod/printer, and how i spent my entire life savings in one day....actually.....that day was today.
anyway...i'm done.