Wednesday, December 3, 2008

spring 09

so here's my list of classes for this semester. 
i'm way excited.
i'm sure i'll learn to hate them though. haha

Monday- INT PI: COMP IN CONTEXT (some science class) 12:30-1:20
General Psychology 1:30-2:20
Psych lab 3:30-4:30
Tuesday- Living with Wildlife 10:30-11:45
Construction and Estimating 1:30-4:20
Wednesday- same as monday without the lab
Thursday- same as tuesday
Friday- same as wednesday

12 credits in all. not too bad. but when you add in 20 hours a week for work i'll be pretty busy.
anyway, thats all.


Morgan said...

Grant would be so jealous of the living with wildlife class, lol.

Michaelface said...

living with wildlife?! I thought you already lived with Enano?