Thursday, August 28, 2008

hey gang.

so it hasn't even been a week of real school yet and i am totally freeking drained. period.

the mental strain and stress of class and getting all of your homework done. (and doing the right page......$%&@$^@$!#)

the fact that my room mates.....well they aren't exactly get drunk, go wild party people. but they do have tons of people over every night and they definately do keep me up....till even one some nights.

walking/biking every where. i didnt think it'd be this bad. oh man was i wrong. smiths, 8 or 9 blocks away (with the monster of a hill that i live on) is about an hour and a half walk and is freeking harder than it sounds. haha....then we discovered the transit station is right next to smiths.....haha we're so dumb.

but the worst of all is my freeking p. e. class. I'm not putting myself on a higher level, but i've dont my fair share of freeking tough workouts, with weights for 3 years in high school and football and all that stuff, but the two days in this class have totally blown all of those out of the water. 
tuesday we did shoulders and chest. im still sore, and will be till next week i bet.
today we did legs. and oh boy did we do legs. haha we started with lunges up and down the hall. then we did double pump squatters. effing killed my leggs. then hill climbers, fire hydrants, donkey kicks and two minutes of various but continuous calf exercises. 

walking home was a totally different story....i considered crawling at one point haha....half jokingly.

anyway. thats where i am so far.

i'm gunna sleep real well this weekend in my own bed.

give me a call. i'll be home friday night and coming back monday nightish. i'd like to hear from, or even see everyone.

thats about it.

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Anonymous said...

im so flippin excited to see my ty ty!